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8 STAR Entertainment is an independent distributor working with motion picture and television programs of both scripted and unscripted content, across all platforms.

Our emphasis is to meet the programming demands of an increasingly diverse marketplace and ever-changing media industry by providing a wide range of products to various target audiences worldwide.

We attend major film, television and new media markets around the world to keep abreast of current content demands and industry advances in technology that offer consumers greater control over the delivery and viewing of entertainment products.

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We do not accept unsolicited scripts or pitches. If you have a completed film, series that you'd like to submit for distribution or a project to for a possible co-production, please send us your contact information, synopsis, and link to the trailer and short synopsis of your project.  Once we've had a chance to review the information we will contact you.



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  • Global Content Conference, Seoul, Korea 2019
  • Natpe Miami 2020